Enuff Already!

We all want to enjoy the benefits of the internet, but the disadvantages are getting harder to avoid.

By Jeffrey Cole

No one wants to give up the internet. But we are tired of the internet defining our lives. We want to take advantage of all the extraordinary things the web brings without dealing with the negatives surrounding its use. In short, we want to take control of the internet rather than having it control us.

We have given a name to this phenomenon. . .(more)

Web Insight -- Your interest in sports: intense, moderate, casual, or not at all?

Each week we examine a new issue to clarify how the world uses digital technology today — and how it will change tomorrow.

Our current topic comes from findings in the Center’s Sports Fan Behavioral Study: how do you describe yourself as a sports fan?

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Center report explores the future of transportation

The Center has unveiled a first-of-its-kind study on the future of transportation — a project that explores the spectrum of American behavior and views about their cars, public transit, reasons to give up driving, new competitors in the automobile industry, distracted driving, and the arrival of self-driving cars.

“Most research covers the transportation revolution from an industry perspective, but our new study focuses on the actual behavior and attitudes of the U.S. population,” said Brad Berens, chief strategy officer for the center and project lead for the study.

Download the Future of Transportation Report here.

The 42-page Future of Transportation Study explores more than 100 issues involving behavior and views about cars, their alternatives, and emerging needs for technology,

Center for the Digital Future releases 15th annual report on the impact of digital technology in the U.S.

The 152-page “Surveying the Digital Future” includes findings on more than 160 issues, among them: the importance of the internet in political campaigns, government regulation and the internet, online buying and effects on retail shopping, personal freedom online, privacy and personal security, and negative attention (bullying and sexual harassment).

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Download the report here.

Center director Jeff Cole explores "cutting the cord"

Center director Jeffrey Cole highlights the unbundling of content from cable providers, pricing models, and new consumer behavior at 2015 annual leadership meeting of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

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