Center releases first report of findings on the impact of digital technology on transportation

February 21 — The Center for the Digital Future has released its landmark study that explores how technology is affecting the views and behavior of Americans and their transportation.

Digital technology has produced the most significant transformation in transportation since the release of the Model T.  The Center’s study explores these changes in a national survey that includes more than 100 issues involving personal cars and public transportation, emerging opportunities such as get-a-ride services and occasional-use car programs, and views about self-driving cars.

Download the Future of Transportation report here.

Update May 9 — Brad Berens, Ph.D., senior fellow at the Center and project lead for the Future of Transportation Project, discussed opportunities and challenges for the transportation industry with Peter Kosak, executive director of General Motors’ Urban Mobility Program, in an interview published in the Oracle Data Cloud Blog.  Read the interview here.

Center publishes 14th annual report on U.S. digital impact

us-report-small-cover-2016November 28 — “Surveying the Digital Future,” the longest running study of its kind that explores the views and behavior of Internet users and non-users, has been released by the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future.

Now in its 14th year, the study chronicles findings on more than 180 issues, including: the growing importance of the Internet in the American political process, the reliability of online information, the Internet and personal freedom, conflicts between social media and face-to-face contact with family and friends, online consumer behavior, privacy and personal security, children and the Internet, and negative attention online (bullying and sexual harassment).

Visit here to download the full report.

Center director Jeff Cole explores cutting the cord

Center director Jeffrey Cole highlights the unbundling of content from cable providers, pricing models, and new consumer behavior at 2015 annual leadership meeting of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

View the video

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