Analysis:  Apple’s future hangs in the balance

Can the world’s most valuable company deliver another game-changing device with the iPhone 8, or will its star finally fade?

You would have to dive deep into business books to find a CEO at any company at any time in history who has faced a bigger challenge than Tim Cook at Apple faces right now.

Last fall, Cook announced the introduction of the iPhone 7. Fans learned that it would have a slightly better camera and a slightly improved processor, and they were profoundly disappointed.

In fact, the iPhone 7 was an impressive incremental improvement, but that’s all it was. . . (more)

Web Insight: do you have a driver's license?

Each week we examine a new key development in digital technology to clarify how the world uses the Web today — and how it will change tomorrow.

Our current topic comes from the Center’s upcoming study on the future of transportation: do you have a driver’s license?

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Center to release first study on digital technology and transportation in the United States

This month, the Center for the Digital Future will release its first study that explores how technology is affecting the views and behavior of Americans and their transportation.

Digital technology has produced the most significant transformation in transportation since the release of the Model T.  The Center’s study explores these changes in a national survey that includes more than 100 issues involving personal cars and public transportation, emerging opportunities such as get-a-ride services and occasional-use car programs, and views about self-driving cars.

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Update — Brad Berens, Ph.D., chief strategy officer at the Center and project lead for the Future of Transportation Project, discussed opportunities and challenges for the transportation industry with Peter Kosak, executive director of General Motors’ Urban Mobility Program, in an interview published in the Oracle Data Cloud Blog.  Read the interview here.

Center director Jeff Cole explores "cutting the cord"

Center director Jeffrey Cole highlights the unbundling of content from cable providers, pricing models, and new consumer behavior at 2015 annual leadership meeting of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

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