December 11 — The Center has released the 2014 Digital Future Report.  This year’s report includes findings on more than 180 issues in 26 major subject areas.

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green-world-map-225We examine key developments in Internet use to help you understand how the world uses the web today—and how it will change tomorrow.

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Digital Future Project

seo 2Digital Future Report: Eleventh Edition

The Center for the Digital Future was one of the first research organizations to explore the views and behavior of Internet users and non-users in the United States, and the first to develop a longitudinal panel study of these issues.

The Digital Future Project is the comprehensive, year-to-year examination of the impact of online technology in the United States; its report was first published by the Center in 2000 and the eleventh study was released December 11, 2014.

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World Internet Project

wip-cover-2013-4New World Internet Project Report published

The Center for the Digital Future has released the fifth edition of the World Internet Project Report, which explores the behavior and views of Internet users and non-users worldwide through findings on 75 subject areas in 10 broad categories.

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