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Current reports

16th Digital Future Report: the Center’s annual study of the impact of digital technology on American users and non-users.  The current 147-page report includes findings on more than 100 issues.

Download here.


World Internet Project Report, Ninth Edition: the 54-page study is the annual collaboration between the Center for the Digital Future and partner countries worldwide.  Download here.



Future of Money and Banking Report: Facing immense changes in customer behavior and unconventional new competitors, American banks are at an inflection point where they will have to embrace change before others disrupt their industry. The Future of Money and Banking Project explores the intersection of banking and digital technology, how that collision affects customers today, and how it may change behavior tomorrow.  Download here.

Future of Transportation Report: The Center has released a first-of-its-kind study on the future of transportation, which explores a broad range of American behavior and views about their cars, public transit, reasons to give up driving, distracted driving, and the arrival of self-driving cars.  More about the report is here.


Digital Future Project Reports

Download the Center’s reports on the impact of digital technology on the United States at these links:

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World Internet Project Reports

Download the Center’s reports produced in cooperation with 34 international partners:


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