Digital technology has become pervasive in all aspects of daily life. Television and Internet technologies have crossed age boundaries and are used by a vast majority of youth under the age of eighteen. Many families view this access to technology as a privilege that can be restricted as a punishment for misbehaving minors.

The Center for the Digital Future explores this idea by asking its survey participants if denying Internet or television access is used as a punishment for people under the age of eighteen in their household.

Results show that denying Internet access as a punishment has generally increased from 2000 (32 percent denied access) to 2008 (61 percent denied access). The percentage has nearly doubled, which may well be a result of the growing popularity of Internet use among minors in recent years.

On the other hand, denying television access as a means of punishment remained relatively constant from 2000 (56 percent denied access) to 2008 (59 percent denied access).

Does anyone under 18 in your household get punished by being denied access to television or the Internet?
(Age 18 and older with children in household and the children have access to the Internet at home)



Prepared by Alexander Bullard.

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