Web Insight: does technology create conflicts between work and personal life?

The internet is ubiquitous. It is difficult to get away from it, especially because of the continuous connection available through smart phones. This perpetual linkage provides many benefits, including some that are job-related.

But is it possible to have too much of a good thing? For example, what if users begin to feel that they can never get any desired sense of separation for the world of work?

In the Center’s Digital Future Survey, we asked those who use the internet at work if technology has made it harder for them to separate their work life from their personal life.

Only 9.2 percent of respondents strongly agreed with the following statement: “Technology has made it harder to separate my work and personal life.”

But 27.0 percent somewhat agreed with this statement.

On the other hand, 16.7 percent of respondents somewhat disagreed and 29.4 percent strongly disagreed that technology has made it harder to separate their work and personal lives.


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September 16, 2019