In the Center’s study on the Future of Money and Banking, we surveyed 1007 people who had at least one bank or credit union account. Of those people, 109 said that they never used ATMs.

What was the reason that people gave as to why they do not use ATMs? The top three reasons (and people could give more than one reason) were

  1. I prefer to deal with a live human being (43%)
  2. I do not need cash (35%), and
  3. I prefer to withdraw cash during purchases at stores rather than using an ATM (25%)

Looking at demographic associations with these reasons, two were most pronounced:

Older people were by far the most likely to give reason one — that is, wanting to deal with a live human being.

Of those who gave this reason, more than three quarters were aged 55 and above. Sixty-two percent of those aged 65 and above who said that they do not use ATMs gave the desire to deal with a real human as the reason.

The most popular reason for not using ATMs for those aged 34 and under was not needing cash. There are so few people in that age range who do not use ATMs that our numbers do not allow us to offer valid generalizations  More than half of non-users in that age range gave this as the reason. On the other hand, only 32% of 55-64 years olds and 29% of those aged 65 and above offered this reason for not using ATMs.


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August 27, 2018