Get-a-ride services like Uber and Lyft have become very popular. Are people satisfied with the service they provide?

The Center’s Future of Transportation Study found that overall, 69% of people who use get-a-ride services say they are satisfied with them. Thirty percent say that they are neutral, and only 1% voice dissatisfaction.

How do gender, license status, living area, income, and education affect these views?


Males (73%) are more likely to express satisfaction that females (63%).

Drivers license status

Those who have a drivers license (72%) are more likely to say that they are satisfied than those who do not (48%).

Living area

Those who live in a city (72%) are moderately more likely to note satisfaction than those in rural areas (68%) and those in the suburbs (65%).


Those who have a yearly household income of $75,000 or more (76%) are more likely to express satisfaction than those whose household income is less than $75,000 (66%).


Those with a college degree or more (76%) are more likely to be satisfied than those with some college education or less (62%).


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May 6, 2019