There are many different types of vehicle that people use to get around. This is an issue that we explored in the Center’s Future of Transportation Study.

Of those who have a vehicle available at their permanent residence, how many have a truck, and who are these people?

Overall, 22% of respondents in our study said they have a truck available to them at their home.

Males and females were fairly equally likely to have a truck available. Twenty-one percent of males did, compared to 22% of females.

White people (25%) were more likely than African-Americans (10%) and Asians (3%). Of those identifying as Hispanics (who could be of any race), 22% reported that they have a truck at their home.

People in the South (27%) were more likely to have a truck than those in the Midwest (21%), West (20%), and the Northeast (15%).

Those with some college education or less (24%) were more likely to have a truck than those with a college degree or more (17%).

And political conservatives (24%) were more likely than those in the middle-of-the-road (23%) and liberals (15%) to have a truck at home.


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November 11, 2018