Would people who now have access to a car consider giving it up and relying on other methods of transportation? In the Center’s Future of Transportation Study, we asked people with a driver’s license and available car if they would consider relying on services like Zipcar, Car2Go, Getaround, Uber, Lyft, or public transportation to get around, rather than having and using their own car.

Overall, 20% of people said that they would consider giving up their car and relying on these other methods.


The likelihood of being willing to give up one’s car varies by age. Twenty-six percent of Millennials (ages 19-35) said that they would be willing to give up their car. But only 17% of those older than age 35 said the same.


Males (23%) were more willing to consider given up their vehicle and relying on other means of transportation than females (16%).


Asians (33%), Latinos (27%), and African-Americans (26%) were more willing than whites (18%).

Living area

Living area also was associated with likelihood of being willing to go without one’s car. Those living in a city (25%) were more likely than those living in the suburbs (19%) or a rural area (14%).


Those living in the South (24%) and West (24%) were more likely to report a willingness to live life without a car, and those in the Northeast (15%) and Midwest (12%) less likely.

Political orientation

And political orientation was also associated with willingness to rely on services like Uber and Lyft or public transportation to get around, rather than having and using an automobile. Liberals (26%) were most likely to say yes to this proposition, conservatives (17%) least likely, and those in the middle-of-the-road (18%) were in the middle here as well.


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July 23, 2018