Web Insight: how much time are you online at work while away from home?

How many hours per week do you use the Internet at work, not in the home?

The internet is an important tool in many places of work. How many hours per week do workers use the internet at their place of employment, and how has this been changing over time?

Looking at all employed internet users in the Center’s Digital Future Study, the amount of time spent online has been increasing.

In 2003, the average number of hours of internet use at work was 6.2 per week.

This number increased steadily year-after-year. The average number of hours hit 10 in 2012. In 2016 the figure was 14.3 hours.

Then, in 2018, the next year in which we collected data, the figure declined slightly to 14.2 hours. Such a small difference from the 2016 figure is hardly worth mentioning, except for the fact that this was the first time in 15 years of data collection that the average number of hours did not increase.

We will continue to track hours online to see if a plateau has been reached, the previous long-term increase resumes, or some other pattern emerges.


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November 18, 2019