In the Center’s study of sports fan behavior and media consumption, we asked about user interest in “supplemental programming” — such as press conferences, athlete interviews, and expert analysis beyond the actual games themselves.

How often do people watch such supplemental programming? In our sports survey of people who follow at least once sport in season, 10% said they watch it often, 38% reported watching it sometimes, 36% viewed it rarely, and 16% said that they never looked at it.

How important is this supplemental programming to people? Nine percent said that it was very important for them, 51% said somewhat important, and 40% replied that it was not important at all.

For those who do watch it, on what device do they prefer to consume it? By far the most popular means was television, with 70% saying that they preferred it. Second was mobile phone with 14%. Next, at 9%, was the PC. Five percent chose their tablet, and another 1% said some other device.


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October 1, 2018