Of those who use public transportation, how satisfied are they?

In the Center’s Future of Transportation Study, we asked people how satisfied they are with the public transportation that they use. A plurality (and near majority) of people who use public transportation (49%) said that they were satisfied. Only 9% said they were dissatisfied, with the remaining 42% neutral on the issue.


Some categories of people were more satisfied than others. In general, older public transportation users tended to be more satisfied. Sixty-nine percent of those aged 65 and above expressed satisfaction, compared with 56% of those aged 55-64, 55% in the 45-54 age group, 44% for those aged 35-44, and 46% of those in the 18-24 group. Thirty-nine percent of those in both the 14-17 and 25-34 year old groups said they were satisfied.


Males (53%) were more likely to be satisfied than females (44%), maybe because some females have to put up with misbehaving men during their commutes.


Region of the country mattered. In the Midwest 50% were satisfied, as were 51% of those in the West. Public transportation users in the South (56%) were most likely to be satisfied, while those in the Northeast (40%) the least.

Living area

Living area also made a difference. While 46% of those living in urban areas and 53% of those living in the suburbs were satisfied with their public transportation, 72% of those in rural areas were.


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August 13, 2018