In the Center’s study of sports fan behavior and media use, we questioned people who followed at least one sport in season. Most sports fans follow more than one team, but there are a good number of people who follow only one. Who are those who follow just one team?

Women were more likely than men to follow just one team. Twenty-one percent of women in our study followed only one team, compared with 11% of men.

Asians were more likely then whites, Latinos, and African-Americans. Twenty-three percent of Asians followed just one team, compared with 18% of Latinos and 16% of both blacks and whites.

Younger people were more likely to be single-team fans. Twenty-two percent of generation Z respondents (aged 15 to 20) compared with 15% of those aged 21-74 followed just one team.

The less educated were more likely, too. Of those with high school educations, 19% were solo-team fans, as were 16% of those with an Associate’s degree or some college (without having graduated). But only 11% of those with a college degree and 10% of those with an advanced degree followed just one team.

Not surprisingly, more casual fans (23%) were more likely to only follow one team than were moderate (7%) and intense (5%) fans.


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October 25, 2018