In the Center’s study of sports fan behavior and media use, which surveyed Americans aged 15 to 74 who follow at least one sport in season, most people said that they follow more than one sport.

Overall, 83% of respondents noted that they follow multiple sports.

The two major factors that differentiate those who are more likely to follow more than one sport than not are gender and age.


Males are more likely than females to follow multiple sports. Eighty-nine percent of males versus only 75% of females said that they followed more than one sport.


Regarding age, those younger than 18 were the least likely to report that they followed multiple sports (only 63%). Beyond the youngest set, those aged 35-54 (86%), 65-74 (85%), and 25-34 (84%) were just slightly more likely than those aged 18-24 (81%) and 55-64 (79%) to be fans of more than one sport.


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March 25, 2019