Web Insight: how much of the information on the Internet overall is generally reliable? (users vs. non-users)

Is the information available on the internet generally reliable? Are those increasingly few people who are not online more skeptical of online information than net users?

In the Center’s Digital Future Survey, we have asked people how much of the information on the internet overall is generally reliable.

In 2018, 1% of users and 3.8% of non-users said, “all of it,” and 26.9% of non-users and 31.4% of users said, “most of it.”

The response given by a plurality of non-users (43.6%) and users (49.3%) was “about half of it.”

Answering only “a small portion of it” were 16.7% of non-users and 17.6% of users.

The biggest discrepancy involved the response “none of it,” given by just 0.6% of users, but 9.0% of non-users.


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November 11, 2019