In the Center’s Study on Sports Fan Behavior and Media Use, we surveyed people who said that they follow at least one sport in season. We also asked them to classify themselves as intense fans, moderate fans, casual fans, a friend or companion of a sports fan but not very engaged themselves, or not really a sports fan.

Let us look at who was most likely to classify him/herself as an intense sports fan. A few demographic characteristics stand out.


Males were much more likely to label themselves as intense fans than women (32% versus 15%).


In regard to race/ethnicity, African Americans were most likely (30%), Latinos second (26%), whites third (24%), and Asians the least likely (17%) to admit to being ardent fans.


In regard to region of the country, those in the Northeast were the most likely to call themselves intense fans (31%). People in the Midwest and the South tied for second most likely to accept the zealous designation (both at 24%). Those in the West were least likely to admit to being so impassioned in their fandom (19%).


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July 16, 2018