There are an ever-increasing number of stores and services that deliver groceries ordered online. In the Center’s 2018 Digital Future Survey we asked people, age 12 and above, whether they would consider buying groceries online. Forty-eight percent (48.1%) said yes.

For the 51.9% who said no, what were the reasons given?

The number one reason (given by 78.9% of respondents) for saying no was that it would be difficult to judge the quality of the goods. Relatedly, forty-two percent (41.7%) cited that it would be difficult to assess the accuracy of the product descriptions.

That it might not be convenient to arrange to be home for the delivery was cited by 30.6%. The possibility that costs/charges might be too high was a concern of 30.1% of respondents.

The last reason cited by more than one-quarter of the respondents (28.6%) was that they might miss the enjoyable aspects of shopping for groceries in a brick-and-mortar store.


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June 17, 2019