How many people receive unwanted sexual attention from others online?  In 2012, members of several age groups were asked whether or not they had been subjected to unwanted sexual attention online.

In general, as the age of the person online decreased, the amount of sexual attention they received increased.  People under age 18 received the most unwanted sexual attention (34.6 percent), while those 18 to 34 years and older received the second most attention (30.9 percent).  Respondents ages 35 to 54 experienced a smaller percentage of attention (18.8 percent), and those age 55 or older received the least amount of unwanted sexual attention (14.3 percent).

The vast majority of each age group said they had not experienced any unwanted sexual attention.

Have you received unwanted sexual attention from another person online?
(Internet users, by age)



Prepared by Nina Lutz.

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