How many hours per week do people spend socializing face-to-face with friends outside school and office hours? How does the time spent socializing differ for Internet users opposed to those who are not online?

Overall, average hours spent socializing with friends has decreased from an average of 9.9 hours in 2000 to 6.5 hours in 2012. In all but two of the years (2000 and 2012), on average Internet users spend more time face-to-face with friends than non-users, but the overall difference is not large and varies from year to year. In general, the effect of Internet use on time spent socializing face-to- face with friends seems to be minimal.

During a typical week, how many hours or minutes do you spend socializing face-to-face with your friends (outside school/outside office hours)?
(All respondents)

Q11601 2012 friends socializing


Prepared by Christine Vu.

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