The first Website one sees is significant because it reflects one’s priorities and reasons for using the Internet.

A majority of Internet users (43.1 percent) have portals such as Yahoo, AOL, or MSN set to load as their homepage. The second most frequent response (21.8 percent) was search pages such as Google. Only 7.9 percent of users have their e-mail as their homepage, while an even smaller percentage (2.2 percent) have a social networking site set to open.

Next, respondents were asked which website they navigate to after their web browser opened their homepage. Close to half of the population (47 percent in both 2007 and 2008) decided to open up their e-mail once their homepage is loaded, a sharp difference from the 7.9 percent who have it loaded as their homepage. In 2008, 11 percent of respondents said that the next page that they visited was a search page (up from 10 percent in 2007). The same percentage (11 percent) said that a social networking site was the second page that they visited (up from 8 percent in 2007).

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Prepared by Jane Yi.

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