Email is an increasingly common way to connect with public workers and officials. Since 2002, the Digital Future Study has tracked the use of electronic mail to contact educators, government representatives, and healthcare providers.

In 2010, a majority (55 percent) of email users reported that they had at some point sent electronic messages to government officials. That was also the number recorded for 2009 (55 percent) and the highest percentage registered so far in the study. For the sixth year in a row, the proportion of respondents who reported ever having communicated with teachers over email continued to grow. In 2010, it reached close to two-thirds of email users (66 percent).

The percentage of users who had ever emailed healthcare professionals remained lower that that for the other two categories. In 2010, that percent surpassed one-third (34 percent) of email users, up from 30 percent in 2009.

Email communication with teachers, government officials,
and health care professionals

(Email users)



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