Even in economically challenging times, e-commerce remains a vibrant multibillion dollar business.

According to a recent comScore report, more than 20 percent percent of the worldwide Internet audience aged 15 and older accessing the Internet from a home or work location had visited the online retailer Amazon as of June 2011.  And according to the most recent Digital Future survey, in 2010 more than two-thirds of all adult U.S. Internet users made purchases over the Web.

Still, some concerns remain about the use of credit cards in online transactions. In the current study, 45 percent of adult respondents said they were very or extremely concerned about the security of their credit card information when (or if) buying online. But this is the lowest figure registered by the Digital Future Project, a major decline from the 71 percent in 2001.

The proportion of adult Americans who were somewhat concerned about credit card security online increased from 41 percent in 2009 to 44 percent in 2010.  Those who reported that they were not at all concerned comprised 11 percent of all respondents, compared to 9 percent in 2009 and 6 percent in 2001.

Concerns about credit card security when or if buying online
(Adult respondents)



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