Since 2016, the Center has extended its landmark, multi-year “Surveying the Digital Future” study into industry-specific work.  Our new research explores how people’s views about transportation are changing in the face of new companies like Lyft and Uber, how sports fans use information about their teams and athletic competition; and how attitudes about money and banking are evolving as new online services proliferate.

To amplify our research into these rapidly-changing industries, we have brought to the Center  senior thought leaders with rich professional experience to serve as Industry Fellows, providing perspective about what is happening in their fields and what it means. This involvement empowers the Center to ask smarter questions, from which we derive surprising and actionable insights. We will add more Industry Fellows as we extend our work into more industries.

John Durham — Future of Transportation Project

John Durham is the CEO and managing director of Catalyst SF, a marketing strategy firm. He also serves as the president of Bay Area Interactive Group, of which he was a founder. Durham has been involved in advising companies on online advertising and interactive marketing.  Durham served as the president of sales and marketing of Jumpstart Automotive Media Inc. He was also the founder of Pericles Communications, one of the first digital media companies focused on politics.

Durham is a professor of marketing at the University of San Francisco, where he has been teaching MBA level classes in advertising, marketing, and market research since 1992. Learn more here.

Alan Gellman — Future of Money Project

Alan Gellman is the former chief marketing officer at Esurance, overseeing Esurance’s brand, performance marketing, and all other communications efforts. Gellman has been included on the Business Insider list of the 50 Most Innovative CMOs in the World.

Previously Gellman led strategy, research, and analytics for Wells Fargo’s Consumer Credit Group, where he established a customer engagement strategy and led a team across seven lines of business in developing a debt management program. Gellman moved from that position to senior vice president of digital marketing, and became responsible for all third-party advertising, including video, display, search engine marketing, mobile, and social. Learn more here.

David Harris — Future of Transportation Project

David Harris is the senior digital marketer for BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, a national chain of dining and brewing establishments with 192 locations in 24 states.

Harris’ background in cars and computers led him to automotive and digital marketing at in the late 90’s. After working for several marketing startups in the early 2000’s, Harris moved to marketing roles at American Suzuki Motor, and later at Fisker Automotive.  Learn more here.


Caleb Hunt — Future of Money Project

Caleb Hunt has extensive experience in strategic branding, marketing and innovation, most recently as global head of brand for Citi. After an assignment with the Japanese Ministry of Home Affairs and volunteer work in southern Somalia, Hunt worked on brand development at Interbrand in Tokyo.

Hunt then established the Asia Pacific consulting practice of desgrippes/gobe group. In 2005 he joined Citi in Japan as CMO responsible for marketing, digital, and innovation initiatives in lending, retail banking and wealth management; he later assumed responsibilities for Citi’s corporate image and reputation globally. Learn more here.

Julie Roehm — Future of Transportation Project

Julie Roehm is chief experience officer and chief marketing officer at ABRA Auto Body & Glass, a national leader in automotive repair with locations in 25 states. Prior to her current assignment, Julie held marketing and strategic relationship positions at SAP, Ford, Chrysler, and Walmart. As head of her own marketing firm, her clients included Credit Suisse, Time Inc., Whirlpool, Acxiom, ad agencies, and multiple startups.

Julie was honored in 2013 as one of Brand Innovators “Top 50 Women in Brand Marketing.” In 2005 she was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame and was named a Top 100 Most Influential Women in the Automotive Industry. Learn more here.

Bill Sanders – Organizational Transformation Fellow

Bill Sanders is the founder and managing director of Roebling Strauss, a business transformation and process innovation consultancy in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to establishing Roebling Strauss, Bill held executive positions at Publicis Dialog and Real Branding. Bill was a founding member of ROCG Consulting, and helped launch and later ran the first ecommerce site for Mattel Interactive.

Bill has helped more than 200 organizations, including such global brands as Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, General Mills, Lipton, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint, and WebEx. He’s conducted business in three continents, is a past president of the San Francisco American Marketing Association, has published in the American Management Association’s quarterly journal, and provides commentary in the media on issues in organizational culture, productivity, and innovation.

Arianne Walker — Future of Transportation Project

Arianne Walker leads automotive industry strategy at Oracle Data Cloud. Walker helps automotive marketers discover and implement audience strategies and delivers data and perspective on broader auto industry initiatives that influence the marketing and advertising strategies of automotive marketers. Prior to joining Oracle, Walker worked with J.D. Power, providing direction on current and future trends in digital automotive marketing.

Arianne Walker was previously the director for institutional research and assessment at Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles, and research analyst at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she was responsible for statistical analyses and reports to support administrative planning and decision making. Learn more here.