The Coronavirus Disruption Project: 10 activities missed or enjoyed by Americans living in the pandemic

On April 29, 2020, the Center for the Digital Future and the Interactive Advertising Bureau released the first comprehensive study of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Americans.

Titled “The Coronavirus Disruption Project: How We are Living and Coping During the Pandemic,” the study explores about 100 questions involving views about life and behavior during the pandemic, including emotional concerns, loneliness, anxiety, parenting, online education, media and entertainment, shopping behavior, political views, and the problems and benefits of working at home.

Among the issues explored in the study were how much Americans miss aspects of daily life while in the pandemic, and how much Americans enjoy certain aspects of life during safer-at-home guidelines.

Here are the 10 most common responses to each question:

Ten activities Americans miss during the pandemic

(Miss a little/somewhat/a lot)

  1. 94% Being able to go where I want and do what I please
  2. 90% Visiting close relatives and friends outside my home who I see regularly
  3. 90% Visiting relatives and friends outside my home who I see occasionally
  4. 89% Dining in restaurants
  5. 88% Shopping in brick-and-mortar stores
  6. 83% Casual personal contact (shaking hands, standing near others, chatting0
  7. 83% Close personal contact (such as hugs and kisses)
  8. 81% Having set routines in my life (e.g. regular sleep patterns and work schedule)
  9. 80% Travel
  10. 78% Going to work


Ten activities Americans enjoy during safer-at-home guidelines

(Miss a little/somewhat/a lot)

  1. 89% More time to participate in hobbies, personal activities, and creative pursuits
  2. 87% More time to catch up on chores and responsibilities at home
  3. 87% More time to catch up on TV programs and movies
  4. 85% No commute or traffic
  5. 85% More time for family activities (watching television together and playing games)
  6. 84% More time for sleep
  7. 83% More time to be by myself at home
  8. 83% More time for cooking
  9. 83% More time for reading
  10. 82% More time for increased contact with family and friends outside the home online or by phone


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