About the Center for the Digital Future

Since 1993, the Center for the Digital Future has been tracking the global evolution of digital technology and platforms, studying their impact on users and non-users, and working with clients worldwide.

The Center’s innovative techniques for collecting and analyzing social science data supports corporate management, government leadership, leading brands, and NGOs as they shape new directions in the online realm.

The Center’s digital experts, researchers, and strategists have assembled—and continue to build—the definitive body of data and insights on the changing role of online technology and media in our lives.

The Center’s main agenda includes:

The Digital Future Project, the pioneering longitudinal study of the impact of digital technology on the United States, published annually since 2000.   More

The World Internet Project, created by the Center and conducted through annual studies in cooperation with partner organizations in 39 countries that explore the changes in digital technology worldwide.   More

Customized and proprietary studies, consulting, and market research on behalf of global companies, governments, and policymakers.   More

The Center for the Digital Future is a research and policy institute within the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.  Its work is overseen by a board of governors composed of the CEOs of major media and marketing companies.