About the Center for the Digital Future

A distinctive array of resources, insights, and expertise

The Center for The Digital Future draws on proprietary data, gathered during more than a decade of studying digital technologies and user behavior, to explore current business realities and predict developments that are critical to the success of global companies and NGOs.

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Center services

Custom qualitative and quantitative research

When the needs of a corporate partner go beyond existing data, the Center uses qualitative and quantitative tools to develop customized market research programs tailored to clarify the consumer landscape and provide a roadmap for digital planning.

Data mining and strategic recommendations

The Center’s research team mines its own proprietary longitudinal data as well as databases owned by corporate partners to distill the information within a framework to yield new understanding of behavior involving digital technology.

Digital insights and trendspotting

The Center’s engagement in proprietary research, global conferences, and briefings with the world’s leading media organizations results in a unique, multi-faceted view of the digital world. The Center integrates these information streams into a focused perspective on emerging trends that are brought to corporate partners in working sessions with the Center’s staff and fellows.

Executive development, counsel, and advisory services

As an innovator in the digital realm, the Center is regularly engaged by large organizations to provide management with context and guidance to stay ahead of the trends.

Social media analytics

Consumers are sharing their opinions, preferences, and ideas through online social networks and microblogs at astonishing, growing rates.  As a result, we have a remarkable wealth of data that until recently was unimaginable.

We calculate key metrics, such as magnitude and sentiment for issues and brands for benchmarking and tracking; our researchers comb through random samples of detailed comments to get a rich understanding of consumer attitudes and behavior. Then we conduct “digital ethnographies,” embedding ourselves in the online conversation to learn more from what social networkers and microbloggers have to say.

These social media findings are packaged in executive reports that summarize key issues and implications for immediate action opportunities.