Center releases 17th study on the impact of digital technology in America

February 19 — The Center for the Digital Future has released the 2021 Digital Future Project, the longest-running study of Americans and their behavior and views about computers and mobile technology, internet use and trust, and the effects of social media.

The report continues the Center’s work as one of the first research studies to explore the impact of digital technology on internet users in the United States. The Center was the first to develop a longitudinal panel study of these issues, beginning in 2000.

Titled “Surveying the Digital Future,“ the study includes overall findings on more than 50 issues, including technology in the household, digital assistants, reliability of information online, views about mainstream media, fake news, government regulation of social media, the internet and political power, expressing extreme ideas online, streaming video and viewing habits, buying online, privacy of personal information, concerns about online security, and children and online behavior.

To download the 2021 Digital Future Project, click here.