Concern over breaches of security online is a major barrier for electronic commerce. Americans have reported high levels of concern about their privacy when buying products on the Internet ever since the Digital Future Project first asked about this in 2001.

According to the 2010 Digital Future study, people still worry about security issues related to making purchases over the Web. However, the percentage of Americans reporting very or extremely high levels of concern has declined for the third year in a row.  According to our 2010 data, 48 percent of all respondents age 16 or older were very concerned or extremely concerned when or if they bought products online. This is a noticeable decrease from the 54 percent in 2009.

Overall, 92 percent of respondents age 16 or older reported some level of concern about the privacy of their personal information when or if buying online, marginally less than the 93 percent in 2009 and 2008.

Concerns about privacy of personal information when or if buying online
(All respondents age 16 and older)



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