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Web Insight: which sports are followed by more females than males?

In the United States, large percentages of both males and females are generally interested in sports. But for the majority of specific sports, males are more likely to be followers and fans.

For our study of sports fans and media use, we explored the question: which sports are females just as likely — or even more likely — to follow?

Our study found that several sports are followed by a significantly higher percentage of females than males:

Some sports are of interest to a slightly higher percentage of females than males. These include:

Some sports are of interest to roughly equal percentages of males and females. These sports include: MLS soccer (followed by 10% of both males and females), bowling (7%), rodeo (5%), lacrosse (2%), sailing (2%), table tennis (2%), windsurfing (1%), and fencing (1%).


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November 28, 2017