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Web Insights

Our Web Insights examine specific developments in digital technology and the behavior of users and non-users over time to help you understand how the world’s use the Internet has evolved.


Do liberals and conservatives differ in their views about government regulation
of the internet? 
(December 5)

Which sports are followed by more females than males? [1]  (November 28)

Is it OK to criticize the government while online? [2]  (November 21)

What is the best way to deliver sports on television? [3]  (November 7)

What sports do fans watch — and where do fans live? [4]  (October 31)

Are you monitoring your kids on social media? [5]  (October 24)

Talking sports on social media [6] (October 17)

Meet online, then meet in person? [7]  (October 10)

Would you wear a wearable for mobile payments? [8]  (October 3)

How do you interact with your bank? [9] (September 26)

The unstoppable decay of print media [10] (September 19)

Two cars — or more — in every garage? [11] (September 12)

Do liberals and conservatives think the internet affects political campaigns? [12]  (Sept. 5)

Which institutions don’t Americans trust? [13]  (August 29)

Is online banking safe? [14]  (August 22)

Do you have a driver’s license? [15]  (August 15)

Who applies online for loans? [16]  (August 8)

Do people still use banking services the old-fashioned way? [17]  (August 1)

Uber and Lyft aren’t just urban phenomena [18]  (July 25)

Would Americans give up driving? (The regional view) [19]  (July 18)

How Millennials navigate [20]  (July 11)

Looking back

In addition to appraisals of current findings, the Center creates Web Insights from earlier years of the Digital Future Project to provide perspective on how digital technology has changed over the past two decades.

2012   (For the full 2012 report used for the Web Insights below, go here [21])

2010  (For the full 2010 report used for the Web Insights below, go here [32])

2009  (For the full 2009 report used for the Web Insights below, go here [46])

2008  (For the full 2008 report used for the Web Insights below, go here [51])