Web Insight: Internet users and reasons for visiting social media

Why do users visit video sharing and social networking websites?  With multiple responses possible, respondents to the Digital Future Survey who visit video sharing and social networking websites do so for a variety of reasons, the most frequently-cited of which are to relax or fill time (60 percent of visitors), to be involved in conversation or social interaction (55 percent), and find events and information (49 percent).

Smaller percentages of users reported that they use social media to gain insight into the circumstances of others (32 percent), and for “escaping” (25 percent), enjoyment (20 percent), advice and opinions (15 percent), emotional release (11 percent), and a sense of belonging (10 percent).

Reasons for visiting video sharing and social networking websites such as Youtube and Facebook
(Internet users who visit social networking or idea sharing sites — multiple responses possible)





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