Center Leadership

Jeffrey Cole, Founder and Director

Jeff-Cole-250Jeffrey Cole has been at the forefront of media and communication technology issues in the United States and internationally for more than three decades.  Cole serves as an adviser to governments and many of the largest and most successful companies round the world as they craft digital strategies.

As the director of the World Internet Project, the most comprehensive and longest-running study of its kind, Dr. Cole has worked with more than 50 of the world’s leading brands on digital trends and has delivered over 500 keynote addresses across the globe.

Dr. Cole directs the Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, where he serves as Research Professor. Prior to joining USC, Dr. Cole was a member of the UCLA faculty where he served as Director for the UCLA Center for Communication Policy and won the Distinguished Teaching Award.

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Greg Bovitz, Senior Research Fellow

greg-bovitzAs Senior Research Fellow, Greg advises on the design, implementation and analysis of proprietary custom studies that the Center conducts on behalf of industry partners and government leaders. He is also founder and president of Bovitz, Inc., a multidisciplinary market research and strategy firm. Bovitz holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego and is a recognized expert in consumer research methods.

Bovitz’s work at the Center includes a leadership role in the implementation and dissemination of the longitudinal Digital Future study. By helping organizations springboard off of the Center’s longitudinal insights into highly customized, proprietary research programs, he enables organizations to stay ahead of emerging developments, rather than simply reacting to them.